Creating a Statement Piece with Plastic Box Art

Creating a Statement Piece with Plastic Box Art

Creating a Statement Piece with Plastic Box Art

1. Get inspired – Look at existing works of plastic box art online or visit galleries and exhibitions featuring similar pieces.

2. Gather materials – Collect different sizes and shapes of plastic boxes to incorporate into your design.

3. Plan out your design – Sketch out your idea before starting to ensure your finished product looks cohesive.

4. Decide on a theme – Whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or abstract concept, stick to a consistent theme throughout.

5. Experiment with different media – Combine paints, markers, and other mediums to add depth and detail.

6. Think outside the box – Push the boundaries of traditional art by utilizing unconventional materials and techniques.

7. Go green – Consider using eco-friendly materials and recycled plastics for an environmentally responsible piece.

8. Add lighting – Back-lighting or illuminating your piece can create interesting shadows and highlights.

9. Let it dry – Allow ample drying time between layers and steps to avoid smudging and wrinkling.

10. Showcase it – Hang your completed masterpiece in a visible spot to share with friends and family!


Plastic box art is an innovative and exciting medium that lets you express your creativity while contributing to recycling efforts. Embrace the process and enjoy exploring the world of plastic box art!

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