How to ground an outlet in a plastic box

How to ground an outlet in a plastic box

The steps for grounding an outlet in a plastic box are as follows:

1. Determine the location where you want to install the outlet and drill a hole in the plastic box’s wall surface using a drill bit or other tools. The hole should be large enough to accommodate the ground wire.


2. Remove the outlet and open a dedicated opening on the plastic box for grounding.


3. Locate the grounding screw on the outlet and fasten the ground wire to it. If there is no grounding screw in the outlet, find a suitable screw head on the outlet and use an adapter to connect the ground wire.


4. Reinstall the outlet in the plastic box and securely install all wires.


5. Finally, confirm that the ground wire is properly grounded and use testing instruments to ensure that the outlet is safe to use.


It is important to note that before grounding an outlet in a plastic box, you should have a good understanding of the relevant electrical circuit knowledge and operating skills to avoid potential electrical hazards. If you’re unsure how to proceed, seek help and advice from a professional electrician.

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