how to make acetate box

how to make acetate box

The steps to make an acetate box are as follows:

1. Prepare materials: transparent acetate film (made of PET material), scissors, and a printed template.
2. Based on the size of the box, cut the transparent acetate film into the appropriate size.
3. Fold the transparent acetate film into the desired shape according to the folding lines in the template.
4. Use transparent tape to glue the edges of the box together, making sure there are no gaps at the corners.
5. Finally, attach the lid of the box to the bottom part using tape or glue.

Some things to be aware of:
1. When cutting the acetate film, use a ruler and scissors to ensure accuracy in size and shape.
2. When folding, pay attention to creating straight lines and sharp angles to ensure the beauty and stability of the box.
3. When gluing, choose high-quality, strong adhesive tape to avoid frequent shedding.

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